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This is a private page on my website, not visible on search engines or other means.  In accessing this information, you consent to the apppropriate use of these contacts specifically for sourcing reference or testimonial checks on my behalf and after contact with me. Visitor statistics are viewed by me regarding use of this page. Thank You.
JANSEN References Aug 2017 PDF
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As most of my references have work very long days with heavy executive schedules, I provide email contact in the first instance, in the above PDF. This is done upon request.  My referees will furnish phone numbers to discuss my expertise in greater detail.

If you have any problems contacting my referees, please  email me or call 0403963342 . Thank You. 

​ Look forward to talking to you further!
Have a great day!  JULIE JANSEN 

employment REFERENCES

Olga SunWater Ref
<< Written Survey Reference from  Olga Kakourakis, Corporate Relations Manager at SunWater Limited, a Qld Government Corporation. Olga was my manager during my service as Senior Communications Adviser.​​  
<< Written Reference from  Bureau of Meteorology, Deputy State Director Bruce Gunn. I was hired by BOM during the Qld Floods Inquiry to maintain the Department's media and public reputation. Bruce has specified he can no longer provide telephone or email references due to being in meetings all day. 
BruceGunnBOM Ref
Wendy Smith MOWPR Ref PDF
<< Written Survey  Reference from  Business Manager of Meals On Wheels Pine Rivers, Wendy Smith. I worked with Wendy to create a new website and generate additional grants funding in 2015.
 Most of my former managers work a demanding schedule.  Phone contact is provided only in certain circumstances.  Email addresses are in the PDF. 

 Some have generously consented to my providing written references and observations. See the documents uploaded right. >>>

​Thank You.


I'm happy to put you in touch with these people, ​just email me or call 0403963342 . Thank You.  These testimonials were provided for LInkedin or Website.
 I have helped several local South East Queensland election candidates with media coaching and community engagement strategy. ​ Jason is a local businessman who has sought my   expertise on several occasions. View one of his successful interviews here .

 ​​​​Magnus is one of my commercial clients, creating sustainable housing that lasts 100 years and needs no heating or cooling.  I successfully secured a substantial travel and study grant for Magnus  in June 2017. 
 ​​This young man found himself unexpectedly in the international, legal and political spotlight.
​His professional reputation is now assured, with professional media advice ahead of a high profile interview. Read his successful interview with The Australian 
here .

 With great pleasure, I recommend Julie Jansen  to you.
Since 2011, I have sought her advice on handling local issues.

I recommend Julie's strategic expertise without reservation. Julie's strategic advice and editorial assistance for the Moreton Bay Eco-Alliance have been of great value to me.

Julie is an excellent communicator and a valued contributor to community activities and knows how to generate results,  interest and action. She is a confident strategist, a strong advisor and offers  enthusiastic direction for her clients’  needs
You will find Julie Jansen a pleasure to work with and a powerful asset to your organisation. I commend her expertise to you wholeheartedly

 Joke (Yoka) Dolman has regularly sought my strategic advice for outdoor community activities and events since 2013. Joke is also a connection on Linkedin .  She works in State Govt as a multimedia workshop educator.
I'm happy to put you in touch with some of these references where possible or provide more
Just email me or call 0403963342. Thank You.  
​ Look forward to talking to you further! 
Have a great day!  JULIE JANSEN