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I offer a huge range of professional expertise that will help you achieve your ambitions sooner.   My media promotion has a high strike rate: I enhance corporate publications that generate phone calls, draft or edit tenders and bids that make money, devise corporate strategy that engage audiences and advise individuals about tactics that work. I advise major Government departments, large businesses and local writers.  I advise executives and new speakers on how to achieve greater presence when speaking to public audiences. 

You're assured of a job well done, big or small. You'll receive a comprehensive and accurate quote and quality project management. 
Many of my clients return for different services - a great compliment to the personal service I deliver on every project.

We're all travelling together on this journey called life.  Love Your Life's Work!   It's  my pleasure to help you realise your presence and potential in life and business .

I Treat Every Client with Special Care.  Many of my clients' projects have a 'teaching' element within them.  I offer new ideas considerately and enthusiastically share my professional expertise.  

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Achieve more powerful and confident direction.
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Love what you do, with confidential, confident expertise.

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