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Academic Editing for PhD and Masters Candidates

Transform your document into a powerful thesis that engages and motivates.
We enhance theses from all over the world !

Realise Your Presence and Potential  ...  today.  

Keep Calm and Have It Edited By A Professional!

  • High calibre structural editing. We don't just check spelling and sense. We also provide suggestions for better content.

  • Trained, courteous expertise

  • Review tracking in Word is easy to follow and neat and tidy.
    We use "less mess" methods for hard copy theses

  • About 75% of our academic clients are international or ESL.  You'll learn a lot and become a better writer!

  • We check each word on each page and also advise of inconsistencies in context or meaning

  • No GST applies to our services  - accurate quotes, no hidden costs

  • Reasonable per page rates and honest, effective advice

  • Professionally Invoiced - you can usually request an editing allowance or reimbursement from your educational institution 

  • We are SUPER FAST! and schedule accurately

  • Large, technical or complex documents are our specialty

After the job is done,
​we continue to take care of you!
Submit Your Work On Time,
With Great Confidence.

Your years of hard work will SHINE!

Another Happy
Doctor Of Philosophy!

"One examiner asked for no changes, the other requested  minor changes only. 

Thank you for your help  ... 
I am very grateful for your interest and encouragement."

(Dr) Amanda Gearing , QUT PhD graduate and  world renowned investigative journalist in Brisbane.  Oct 2016
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About your thesis editor, Julie Jansen

I was trained by one of Australia's most respected structural editing experts.  Since 1999 I have edited HUNDREDS of academic theses from all disciplines. Yes, technical topics are our specialty and definitely welcome! 

 I love editing everything and anything!!!

It's a joy to help writers transform their words into a powerful work. Academic editing especially gives me great joy - because I have seen my clients go on a fantastic new path after successful submission and acceptance. I am proud to help people like you plan and prepare for your career and future."


We typically respond within 2-3 hours.

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